Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wow God is at work and He is so faithful!

First of all we found an adoption agency! They are called Hope for Families. We found them last weekend, and they are a great Christian couple who are eager to help us. So we had our adoption homestudy this last week, and we are now approved to adopt. So the next step was to find a birthmother. Well the Lord totally took care of that, the birthmother pretty much found Erick and I! She knew my name before I knew hers. Her name is Jennifer...which is crazy! She is due in April. Which is going to be the perfect time, because I will then be able to have the whole summer to bond with the precious child that God has chosen for Erick and I. Wow blows my mind...All of this still has not sunk in.

Another blessing is that because the agency didn't have to find the birthmother for us, we are saving about 7500 dollars! God thank you!

Update on the foster care - we are still waiting for our paperwork to finish going through the state. I guess because we are younger than the normal foster parents, they are looking at every little detail... blahhh I am running out of patience with all of this. I just want to bring in a little baby to love and take care of for a while! So it may be a couple more weeks :(

I know have a lot of prayer requests:
-Pray that the birthmother will be healthy and that the baby will be safe in her womb.
-Pray that Erick and I will remember to daily be thankful for what the Lord is providing for us...there is a lot right now!
-Pray that our foster care papers will go through and that we will get our foster child soon to take care of.

Thank you friends,


Amanda said...

Yes! Blessing upon blessing! April?! Can you imagine? 6 months, girl, and you will be a mommy. Actually, you already are--he or she was made to be yours months ago.

Crazy! God is crazy!

The Herrenbrucks said...

WOW JEN! That is SOOOO amazing! God is so good and wow - I am blown away at how He is showing himself to you! YOu all have been so faithful! Can you believe it - right now - your precious child is growing in his birth mother's womb!!!!! Keep us update with ultra sounds and such (if you will be getting those).

Michele said...

Jen...I'm so excited for you guys. Will you be able to find out if it's a girl or boy? Can't wait to hear more. We'll start praying right now for the little one God is ALREADY creating for you:-)