Monday, April 5, 2010

Part 2- Of the adventure

So we found out that we still needed to get our background checks in. We were waiting for our most important background check from the FBI (we are actually STILL waiting to get it). Thankfully GOD is in control, and he brought to mind that we already had all of our background checks done when we became foster parents.
But would they allow us to use them?? I called and YES!!! They would make copies of everything for us, all I had to do was go by and pick them up! Isn't that awesome! Something that could have been a huge detriment was an easy fix! The Lord is soo good! Then after we got all the paper work together, I went home and packed for Erick and I and packed for a baby for the first time! I still did not know how big he was, so I grabbed everything I had that was newborn. Later I found out that he would swim in the newborn clothes! Even the preemie clothes that we accumulated were big! When I finally did find out how "big" our little guy was I was shocked. He was 18inches long, which is a normal baby length, but he was only 4.11 lbs. He was a skinny little man!
So back to the adventure! Finally, after figuring out where Aleena was going to stay, we headed out at 8:30pm. Our plan was to drive the whole way which would bring us in at about 2pm the next day. We found out that even if we got in to Columbus at that time, we wouldn't be able to see Harrison until the following day. Well we were buzzing on adrenaline, and about 11:30pm we crashed . . . we stopped in Ocala to sleep. We figured it was more important to get to our baby safe, alive, and rested! We left the hotel at 6am and drove drove drove  . . .


The Herrenbrucks said...

i love reading all of this.... keep going!

Amanda said...

I love it, too! And wow, he was really long!!! LOL whatta cutie!!