Friday, June 18, 2010

Part V

We got to meet Harrison and the instant I saw the little 4.5 lb bundle I was instantly in love! This was my son, MY son! I couldn't wait to hold him, to smell him, to kiss his little face. Once he was placed in my arms I couldn't take me eyes off of him. This precious little life was now in my responsibility. I was overwhelmed.
He was so tiny and had so many wires attached to him. He actually was in pretty good shape, he never needed to be on breathing treatments, or fed with anything other than a bottle.
He had to stay in the NICU because he had to show the nurses that he was a good eater as well as show them he could gain weight. Something funny, we took a picture of Harrison with our phone so we could show our friends and family our little boy. Well we got so many texts back at the same time that our phones were freaking out. We then went out to the lobby because we were actually not allowed to have our phones on in the NICU. While we were out in the lobby we see the birthmom and her mom. It was kind of awkward because Erick and I both were trying to figure out what the heck was going on with our phones. I told her that we would be up in a minute and that we would give her some time to get into bed and get comfy.
When we finally got up stairs we, of course, talked about how adorable Harrison was and about all of his little features and from who and what side of the family he got them from. Then we talked about random things for about 2 1/2 hours. Good stuff, but mostly things that helped us get to know each other better.While I was there she did his birth certificate, and had the name that we chose out on there. It really could not had been a better meeting,

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