Monday, August 23, 2010

Making baby food!

3 easy steps to making your own homemade squash baby food!

Step 1- Roast a halved winter squash for about 45 mins to an hour, at 350.
Place upside down in a baking dish, pour water to cover up to 1/4th of the squash.

Step 2- Take the roasted squash and scoop it out with a spoon into the food processor. Puree to baby's perferred texture. Harrison likes his smooth.
Step 3- Take the pureed squash and what you want to freeze put into clean ice cube trays. Leave enough out for baby to eat right away.
Harrison is ready to eat!!
Yummy mommy! My belly is full and happy!


Amanda said...

Maryn always loved her orange foods the best. Making our own baby food paid off because Maryn became a great eater and still likes her veggies. But her nose would turn orange from eating all the squash, sweet potatoes and carrots!

The Murphys said...

We made Corbin's baby food too! He hated squash. It was the only one he consistently would not eat. But I never tried orange squash - just yellow summer squash. Maybe that was the problem?