Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution time

So here are my 12 NEEDED changes that I plan to make this upcoming year. I already shared these... but I put some notes from how things are going.

1. Quiet time- I have let this go to the wayside for far too long and I am feeling the parchness of not getting to spend time with my Abba Father. Ugh I really need to kick myself for not being more diligent this past year doing this! Being a new mom this is what I need to give myself my needed getaway.... I plan on going through the new testament.

2. Submissive wife- I have to admit I am still getting used to serving my husband. I don't know why this is such a chore for me... but I have to do it and I need to start realizing it is just as important of a job as being mommy to Harrison. I don't know how but I know this will help me to appreciate and love my husband more.... I am actually working on this already.

3. Finding a hobby and getting good at it- Okay so this may be an easy one because I have found a new hobby that I am loving already. Photography! Plus as an added bonus I have got the cutest male model I have ever seen and I can book him any time I want! Of course I am talking about my little Harry. To take this further though, I would like to go to the library and check out some books on how to use my camera to its fullest and to just learn more about lighting and settings etc.... I have been tinkering with some old 35 mm cameras, and am learning that you really need to know how your camera works and can't just point and shoot.

4. Eating healthy- Some may roll their eyes at this, because this is the normal resolution that everyone will make, but this is one that I need to make. I have multiple stomach issues from IBS, food intolerances, even a spastic colon :( Not full to live with! But lately I have been going semi-vegetarian, staying away from red meat and pork, and very rarely I will eat the white meats. But I have noticed a huge change in how my stomach has been feeling over the last month! That I have decided to continue this change in menu. I am not saying that red meat is bad, I am not going PETA or anything, I just feel for my personal self this is a must.... I have been doing great! I haven't had read meat or pork for the last 3 or more months.

5. Cooking- I grew up in a home where fast-food was dinner 95% of the time, and I was never really encouraged or taught how to cook. I have riden on this excuse for the last 5 years and will normally have my husband cook when he gets home from work. Well this needs to stop, my poor man just worked hard and needs time to unwind when he gets home instead of jumping into a new job. So I have been cooking for us lately and you know what, I am not too shabby. I made an awesome eggplant parm, stuffed bell peppers, I even baked some spiced applesauce cupcakes with a homemade cream cheese frosting! I am enjoying this new roll and plan on keeping it up!... I still need to take more of an initiative in this area... :(

6. Thank you cards- My Grandma and step mom are so good at this, and I really need to learn from them. This is a sweet, thoughtful, and easy thing that should be done when anyone gives you anything! Thank you cards are becoming old fashioned and this shouldn't be. I am going to pick this up and it is right in time for the holidays.... I need to buy some stamps.

7. Get Harrison outside more- I need to get my pale boy outside, he loves to go for walks...which I need to do more, he likes to play in the grass.... I need to get over my fear that he will eat it or another bug. I don't want to keep him cooped up to where he thinks this is normal and then becomes a couch potato and is sucked in by the TV's garbage!... It has been a little too cold recently, but soon!

8. Apply for a job as an online college professor- I figure that I could make a lot more money and would enjoy it so much more than my current online high school positon. If I am going to work online I want it to count to the fullest and I hate to say it, but I am not enjoying my "job" at all! It pays me barely anything at all, and the drama with high school students....need I say more.... in the works, waiting for a response.

9. Get back into fostering- I would be doing this right now, but we currently do not have a house of our own. But I would like to somehow figure out how we can so I can minister to these little ones who need some loving while their parents are out of commission. I really feel this is the ministry that God has laid on my heart and it aches that I can't do anything about it right now! But I am thankful that my mom and step dad are letting us live with them until Erick and I get our finances in order... I should write them a thank you :) We need to get into our own place first.

10. Get my sewing machine up and running- No need to elaborate... Got the plug now need to get some fabric.

11. Stop drinking coffee- Ughhh I have to make this one, I am reverting back to my college days to where I can't function properly in the morning unless I get my morning Joe. I used to be soo good at drinking my green tea, and I need to get back to that. There is less caffeine and it makes my breath a little more tolerable to Harrison :)  Drinking more tea!

12. Move to Georgia- If the grandparents read this they would kill me... or kidnap Harrison. Since getting him, everyone in our family is happier, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, friends! Back on the topic I really want to live in Georgia... so much that I think that when we go up there for Thanksgiving this next week I want Erick to look for a job. I am letting God lead us, and I think he has for a while. I don't know but the appeal for GA is overwhelming... my heart yearns, and it doesn't do this often.... Not going to happen for a while.

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