Friday, February 18, 2011

A little boys birthday is around the corner!!

I am so excited to be getting things ready for Harrison's birthday party! I ordered his invitations today! They are so cute, I love them! I am planning on having a "sports" theme party. We are big Tampa Bay Rays fan, and so there will be a lot of baseball stuff. I am trying to get the menu in the works, and it will be a lot of finger food as well as ballpark food.

If you know of any cute sites that have decorations at good prices please fill me in!

By the way I can't believe this birthday has come up so fast!

Proud mommy!


Anonymous said...

There is an awesome blog I read at It's not to order stuff for Harry's party but you can get crafty ideas on DIY stuff you can do for his party. There's a listing of categories on the right hand side of the page where you can find what you're looking for. :) Hope that helps!! Also, if I can sew anything or help from afar I would love love love to!!!

Amanda said...

That is soooo cute!