Monday, March 14, 2011

Where has Jen been?

You will understand my lack of updating when I tell you that I now have an ACTIVE 1 year old and I am in the process of putting his party together. It will be happening this Sunday! I am so excited!! Yes I know his real birthday was on the 8th and his party is in the 20th. I wanted to make sure that all the family would be able to make it, and this date was the one that allowed them all to join.

Here are some of the crafts for the Baseball themed party
- Home made banner (I really had this idea before I looked at a couple site where EVERYONE has them at their parties now! I am not a copy cat :)
- Home made birthday outfit! My friend Michelle embroidered/ appliqued the adorable shirt, and I made the pants.
- There will be yummy popcorn (ordered from the popcorn lady in Vegas!!)
- I am making a cupcake cake as well as individual cupcakes. They will be decorated with the Rays decor.

Here is a glimpse of the pre party... there is MUCH more to get!

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