Sunday, May 8, 2011

Random pics of what I have been up to

May has turned out to be quite a busy month and I have soo much more to do this month! Like go to Cali for 10 days! But any how this bag I made for my sis in law.

This is a wall of beer from this awesome little burger joint that I had always wanted to try ever since I have been little... Lindburgers. I shouldn't have waited so long it is awesome!
Harry and I did some artwork in the driveway... okay so Harry did more of the tasting of the chalk but he will get it one day.
Happy momma :)
Yummy food from Lindburgers. Seriously amazing.
My step sister Maggie and her date at prom, I was her pre prom photographer. She looked beautiful!!
Harry was supposed to be her date but his curfew is 7 and the prom started at 7:30. . . so Mags had to settle with her friend Ryan.

I can't wait to go to California, I have never been! I also can't wait to shop, eat, and photograph everything!


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