Saturday, September 20, 2008

Erick got a MAC

My husband has been nagging me for a MAC for a long time, and I wanted one too, but they are kind of expensive and we don't have the extra money at the moment. Well Erick convinced me that we could get a Best Buy credit card and have no interest for like 18 Happy bithday, Merry Christmas for 3 years. I am serious. But anyways I haven't figured everything out yet, but it is nice. I noticed that my bud Erin has one, if she can figure it out than I can (hehe just kidding :D ).

Speaking of Erin I got to meet her new baby, Hope (Little cutie). Oh it makes me yearn for my own. Just to be able to look into a tiny precious little face that you and your husband made. That baby was chosen to be have the privilege to raise and love this tiny life. Such a blessing, such a privilege.


Renee said...

Bad news is that the computer will be outdated before you ever pay it off!! Come visit us next time, we have better deals~ (Plug in for my husband :) )

Macs are fun. Ejoy!!

The Herrenbrucks said...

aw thank you friend!!!! so sweet. and i love my mac!!!!!