Thursday, August 6, 2009

Erick and I are moved in, but I do not have internet at my place yet...once I do I will post some pictures and update better.

But somethings that have happened :(

My laptop that i have ALLLLLLL of my pictures on (like from college to 8 years of pictures) decided to crash...hard. And no I did not have anything backed up, so anyone who has not backed up their it, you never know when this is going to happen.

Second, I start school on Monday and I am really sad. My summer was not as creative or exciting as I wanted it to be, and I turned out working on my masters the whole time...not how I anticipated my days.

Third, I only have 2 weeks left of my foster classes, we will hopefully get a baby in September sometime!! Can't wait to write and post pictures of these little ones.

Fourth, did I mention my summer is over :(


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The Herrenbrucks said...

SO SORRY about your pics. Oh my gosh I would just die. I back mine up on CD's, but need to on a hard drive too!! Yeah for the baby/ies coming soon! Will there be two? What will you do with them while you teach? So fun!!!