Sunday, July 26, 2009

Babies R Us Registry and other thoughts

Erick and I registered at Babies R Us! It is so exciting...but it was hard for me.
I always imagined that I would be going into the store to register...pregnant. Well as many of you know that that is not how it is working out, but Erick and I are hoping to have a Foster baby in a month, and we don't have anything. So register we must and baby show we will!
But anyhow I felt like every other woman who was in there, that was pregnant, was looking at me and was probably thinking "Well she sure is jumping the gun...she isn't even showing!" or "Why is she registering she isn't pregnant!" Also I assumed that I would know what I was having and have a cute themed room all picked out, but instead I am registering for neutral gender and age.
Don't get me wrong I am so excited, but these were not my plans. I didn't plan on suffering from infertility, I didn't plan on any of this. Which makes this an adventure because I don't know what to expect! And God has opened up doors to friendships that I would have never of had unless I did go through this. Like Steph and Jeff our MAPP buddies, and Heather and Dario...they are foster parents we met, we bought a stroller and a crib from them off craigslist.
So many of you will be getting a shower invitation in the mail in a couple weeks...I feel weird about this as well, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. But this may be the only chance for me to have a shower and I want to experience it!

Thanks friends for being supportive through this exciting adventure Erick and I are embarking on!



Michele said...

How soon will you know if you are having an infant or a toddler (or older) and boy or girl? That must be difficult. You need such different things for a newborn than you do if they are one! Good luck, I'm excited for you guys!

John said...

Okay, so I am sure none of the moms in there were thinking that about you. I mean, I started registering for Maryn the day I found out I was pregnant and was not showing one bit! And I don't think any of your friends will think it's weird that you're having a shower. OF COURSE you're having a shower. It's what people do when they have a baby. And you're going to have a baby!

John said...

Oops. That wasn't John. That was me. Amanda.