Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool things are happening!

First of all Erick and I were shown an open door and it didn't close on us! Thank you Lord! We found a nice condo to rent! It allows dogs. It has plenty of space for a couple of Foster kids, and it is in perfect location for our jobs and family.
Second, I decided to look on Craigslist for different baby items and I have a cool story. As you know I found this Carseat on the side of the road, and now I am on a Chicco kick. So I was looking for a Chicco Stroller system and found a nice used one (stroller, carseat, and base) for 100 bucks! (Erin I would still LOVE to borrow your base) And the couple that I bought it from are ,get this, Foster parents! We are actually gonna meet for coffee sometime so we can hear the good, bad, and ugly side of Fostering. We are also getting a crib w/ mattress and a drawer underneath for 75, and possibly many other items, but his wife needs to get into town to let him know what he can sell.

So that is really cool! I am excited, the only bad thing is that I don't have anywhere to put this stuff until August 1. But hey I am ready to wait a couple more weeks.

Praise the Lord!
I can't wait to post pictures.


Stephanie said...

That's great! What a blessing!

Michele said...

I couldn't figure out where I knew that sign from...and then I saw it driving the other day. You'll be almost right across the street from me:-)

Hey...I found a mom who posted on Craigslist that she makes cloth diapers. The prices seem good and the diaper looked nice from the picture. Check it out at

I would never have dreamed of buying used diapers my first time around. I thought it would be gross. Now that I've clothed two kids, I would have no problems buying used (obviously...I just did). But...there are lots of great diaper swapping sites out there too. Just FYI