Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trash Pickin'

The other day I was driving into my neighborhood, and noticed a lot of "trash" by this one neighbors house. Not really thinking much of it I kind of glanced over to see what was there. A second after I drove by I thought "Did I just see a carseat?" Well after a little internal war with myself I turned around and went back to the house. Now I was feeling very proud at the moment hoping no one would drive by seeing me take "trash" from the garbage. But after getting out of my car, and a quick glance at the carseat I grabbed it and threw it into my car. What a rush...I stole some "trash".
So I get home and do a little bit of research and find out that this carseat is worth 190$ brand new, it is in great shape (No unidentified stains or anything), and I would only need to buy a base for it. So here is the beginning of baby collection.

For my coupon clipping friends
Carseat= 190 (ok maybe 140 without base)
Trash pickin'= Free!!


Michele said...

Hahaha...Your so super duper cool Jen! What a great looking car seat. Good "steal"...btw...Teri is not afraid to go dumpster diving, I've been her accomplice (in the car) before. You should take her along next time ; )

The Herrenbrucks said...

that's good seat - that's the one we have. you can get bases at twinkle twinkle little store - sometimes they will sell them separate from the carseat - we got an extra one for that seat for $25. it's by outback and it's a consignment shop for kids. OR you can always use one of ours - since we have 3... yes, three bases, and 2 car seats :)

Amanda said...

That's a good idea to go looking for a car seat base at a consignment shop. I wonder why the people got rid of the seat? Some experts suggest not using a car seat if it's ever been in a car accident, even if there are no signs of damage. So just be careful of that.

David and Jen said...

Hi Jen... don't think twice about trash picking... I was trained by the best- my godmother, and it rubbed off on Dave. We always keep our eyes peeled for great finds in the trash pile! You go, girl!

Stephanie said...

I love the red! It's perfect for either a boy or girl, isn't it great to finally start looking for and finding things. See you tomorrow.

Teri said...

Awesome find, Jen! Can't wait to see the cute little foster baby that will go into it! :)