Monday, July 6, 2009

Summers are fleeting

Especially when you are taking 4 graduate classes :( But two of them are done! Praise the Lord. I really anticipated having a great wonderful creative summer, but it has turned out being busy, boring, and not very eventful. (except for the multiple visits to see little Andrew Jack in the hospital, and my crazy Fostering classes!) Ahh I need to do something fun fun fun! Oh well I do have candle-light yoga to look forward to this Friday, and OH Yea Erick and I are going to see Cirque du soleil on Wednesday! I will try to get some picture of those events.

Pray for Erick and I we are actually in a deciding place right now. Erick is losing his job, and we don't know when the store will actually close. But he has an application into our church, and it would be great if he got that job. But we are also tettering between two places to live...we have an offer on a short sale...we are in the waiting process. But when Erick loses his job, we may not be able to get a loan. so then we are thinking about renting our place in Bonita again...we just don't know which way God is calling us. Please pray for us.

Thanks friends

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