Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorry I have been busy

I am so busy which shouldn't be happening in the summer! I should be relaxing it to the max. Should be sleeping in until 12 everyday...why is this not happening! Instead I am super busy with grad work. All this week I was shadowing at an elementary school. Very interesting group of kids that I met.

Also every Tuesday I have a lovely 3 hour Foster parent meeting. Ok I lied it isn't lovely except for the fact that Erick's parents are there with us, and I am making a great new set of friends Steph and her hubby. The last two classes have actually been pretty boring. I feel like people just want to talk about themselves. Like this last week we actually spent 2 hours doing a skit that should have only taken 30 minutes. But there were some people who wanted to share their life story in the middle of the skit, and this lasted seriously about 25-30 minutes...just this one lady. I mean thanks lady, but can we stay on topic and get through the skit. Please! Some people in the class are great and funny, but some...I really think they are only in it for a paycheck. Sad really. :(

Besides that I just feel like the days slip by and I don't get a chance to relax. I think that the summers as one gets older go by a lot faster than when I was a kids. Responsibility takes up to much of my time...I wish I could give some of it back or away.


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Stephanie said...

We are so happy to be taking the class with you and your family as well! Hopefully tonight's class goes better.

Have you heard from the mortgage company about your offer?