Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts about baby shower

Second of all Erick and are making two huge leaps in our lives. We put an offer on our first house...lets pray that they take it and secondly we are beginning fostering classes next week (June 16). We will be taking 10 weeks of classes 1 a week for 3 hours each. We are excited it is almost like we are somewhat pregnant but I don't gain weight and the baby will be here is 3 months and not 9!
So I have begun to buy baby things for the "baby room". Like some cute room decals and stuff animals. I was talking to my step mom and she wants to throw me a baby this weird? I actually don't know what to think about it. I mean I don't have any of the necessities to take care of a baby, but then again these may not be my children. We do plan on adopting through Fostering, so I will be needing stuff. Anyways should I make a baby registry or something? Should I ask people to donate? I am really uncertain as to what to do?


Teri said...

Woo hoo!! ABSOLUTELY have a shower! I'd be there with bells on! I'm also gonna give you the slim pickins I have left from my little guy.

Where's the house? Anywhere close to us?

Art Teacher said...

I got your message on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I'm a big jerk for not responding. I have read your blog and I think that it is awesome that you and Erik are pursuing fostering. What a blessing you all are going to be these(this) children. You'll have to keep us updated on the process. And yes, I do think that you need to have a shower, send me a invite, even though I might not make it.:)

The Herrenbrucks said...

oh yes, a shower would be great. i think this is so wonderful and i am so happy for you guys!!! yeah! when will you find out if you are getting a boy or a girl and the age!?

Amanda said...

Yeah! Showers are great. All your friends would love that!