Friday, June 5, 2009

Raw and Real

This morning I was drinking a cup of Orange Blossom green tea, and started to feel blah. I don't know about you ladies, but unless I have make-up on or my hair done I don't want to look at myself. Well then I started to think that is a shame that I don't feel good enough about myself when I am, lets say raw and undone. I know that time shows on our faces and our skin becomes irregularly colored and dry, we get dark circles. Anyways being bored and not wanting to get busy on my Master's work, I decided to take some self portraits, yes without make-up, lotion, and I don't think I even took my make-up off from last night...and this is what I found...

I found that your eyes say a lot, if you are unhappy it shows, if you are happy it will light your face up. I also found out that I need to get my eyebrows done and re highlight my hair. :D But isn't it sad that we live in a society that first of all makes us tired and then wants us to look our best because they judge us on our appearance, not by how hard we work at our job or how we raise our family the best we can. But it is all about the shallow and fading characteristics.
I was watching TV the other day and wow there are SSSOOOOO many commercials about "you need to look like your 20, at any age" so get vein removal, botox, know what I am talking about. And then the women who we can tell are trying to look young we can point them out and say "poor woman had 10 too many facelifts!" There really is no pleasing them.

So my challenge your skin, love what God gave you, embrace it take care of it, but don't invest your life savings into it. Don't get caught up in the beauty wagon, we all know the soul is where true beauty shines! I am not saying don't wear make-up, but make up your mind, that beauty is only skin deep and your relationship with Jesus is where your time and energy needs to go!

P. s. I dare any of you to share a raw and real picture of your self, I bet you are beautiful!


Michele said...

Well...I think you look great without makeup:-) I especially like the top picture, so dramatic.

Thanks for the post, it was good.

Michele said...

Yeah, it's kind of like Corkscrew...but the mangroves. It's on your way to Marco Island. I used to go to summer camp there in middle school for a few weeks each summer. I haven't been there in years. We'll have to look up what you can do there now. The girls probably would not make it for long some place like that...but I'll check into it more:-)

Michele said...

Hey...I actually am thinking about taking the girls to Rockery on Friday. They have inside exhibits (like at The Conservacy). I need your number. Maybe you can come with and we can explore what other fun and cheap options might be out there for you. Let me know.

Amanda said...

Beautiful, wonderful. Thank you.

Save those pictures forever!

Michele said...

Hey..sorry to hijack all your comments, haha. I JUST realized that Nicole has her 3 year check up on Friday, so we can't go to Roockery. Maybe another time? I'm soo soo sorry...I really thought it would be fun. Let's do something else sometime soon though.