Friday, May 28, 2010

Part IV- Sorry if I type and sound like a mad woman...please don't judge me on my grammar...I am telling a story first person!

Another way that God worked that I need to share is where we stayed for the 3 weeks that we were in Ohio. You see Harrison was supposed to be born an hour and a half north of Columbus, but because the birthmom went into labor the month and a half early and was a preemie, he was sent to The Ohio State Medical Center. If he was born where he was supposed to, we would have had to get a hotel...and spend a lot of money that we didn't have. But God is good and we got to stay at my great aunt Bev's house for free for 3 weeks and they cooked our dinners and took us out to eat, and they only live 30 minutes from the hospital! Wow God had everything planned out to the T!

Okay so back to the part where we meet it was a cold March morning, there was still snow in the parking lots. We got to the hospital early and waited for the call from his birthmom. Well after waiting and waiting for probably 2 hours and our agency called and wanted to know where we were because the caseworker wanted to take us to see the baby. Well we went up to the NICU and were standing right outside where he was!! But because I did not want to do anything that would upset the birthmom, I decided that we should get her permission first. (The birthmom wanted to be able to hand him over to us.) So the caseworker called the birthmom (lets call her Ann from not on, not her real name but shorter than birthmom :) ) She called Ann and she still had not taken a shower and still had not gotten her pain meds and was not ready to see us yet, but she did give us permission to go in to see Harrison! AHHH the time had finally come, we could go in and see our son's face for the first time!

And this is the tiny Angel we saw!

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