Thursday, January 12, 2012

Overstimulated ?!?

For those of you that are "pinteresters" are you in the same predicament that I am in? I have over "pinned"! I have given myself toooooo many projects that I have no idea what I would like to do anymore! The same goes with my recipe food section... I want to make too many things that I don 't. Does anyone have the solution to this? In the beginning it was "I AM going to make that for my home/son/dinner" Then it turned into "I WILL one day make that . . .etc" Now it it " I am going to pin this because it makes me feel productive . . . but I probably won't make it"

But you know what as I am writing this post I am looking around my house and I am seeing numerous crafts that I have made... so I am not a complete failure I am just running out of room :)

(Sorry if the last couple posts have been rambling, but I wanted to get out "what was I thinking" or there wouldn't be a post.

But here is a picture . . .

This was a dish I made for Christmas, got the recipe from pinterest, and realized the dish beside it was another one "the rolo pretzel pecan yummy" They both were awesome!

Thanks for hanging in there with me ;)

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