Monday, January 9, 2012

Overwhelmed . . .

I am overwhelmed! I was doing so good last week getting in a good bit of organizing, and getting ready for when that call comes asking us to take in some foster children. But this week, after the weekend which entailed my garage being transformed into a bedroom for my brother who is moving in. I feel like I am working backwards. I am excited that my Bro is moving in, but a lot of stuff had to be moved and shuffled into the house. All of that to say that I am overwhelmed and can't move from my recliner to start putting stuff away. Can you pray that I can find where my motivation was placed. I think it is in the part of the garage that I can't reach at the moment.

Okay sorry about that but you know how a little vent here and there is just what you need to get the gloomies out. Alright I wanted to leave you with my favorite pictures of Harrison from Thanksgiving, and one from Christmas! Man I love this little boy! I am so Thankful that he was placed into my life! Only God could have allowed me to be his mommy!

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