Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anger... not a godly characteristic

The hardest part about have 3 boys right now is that I am having a hard time reacting/responding to them correctly. Harry is such a busy boy and wears me out! I really think that I need an extra supplement to keep up with him. But I have found myself so easily just losing my temper with him in the drop of a hat! And I hate that! I don't want to be angry with him, or so frustrated that I can't wait for nap time!

I am realizing that part of my problem with Harrison is that I have been comparing him and myself to an unrealistic image, to the point that when things don't go as planned I get upset! I am blaming him for not fitting into my perfect little mold I have pictured him to fit in! That is not his fault, he has his own personality and temperament and those are part of who God made him to be.

Yes his behavior is "moldable" and I wish I knew a faster way to get him to do what I want. And my anger is surely not something that I want him to copy, but sadly that is something he is learning from me right now. Children learn from observing how their parents do, and say. I really believe that is why there is so much about being slow to anger and slow to speak, because your little ones will pick up on it and think that is normal and acceptable!

This is something that I have been struggling with, and would love to know how you deal with it!


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