Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I think it is time to start blogging again

I had decided to take a break from blogging about a year ago . . . but didn't think it would take a year to get motivated to start again.
SOO much has happened this year! Some huge unexpected changes have occurred.

Sept 2012 - Our little R's brother was born and we got to take him right from the hospital 2 days after he was born. So I got a new born! Sleepless night and busy days . . . I now had 4 boys! newborn, 1, 2, and 4. At the time we had the 1 year old and 4 year old going to daycare since they were foster kids they like you to keep them in daycare. plus it makes it easier on me when they have visits with their parents.

Dec 2012 -  Our 4 year old C was reunited with his parents. This was the hardest on Harrison. C became his best friend and older brother. We had him since May and they had developed quite a bond. Many times when people think about fostering being hard they think about themselves. . . but honestly it is just as hard if not harder on the kids.
We had a great Christmas with all the kids. . .busy but it was nice!

Feb 2013 -   We got a letter in the mail saying that we needed to be out of our rental in 30 days! That was such a huge shock and test of my faith. Our landlord had sold his house and needed to move back into the house he was renting to make a long story short. It took us a few weeks to find a place that would accommodate our ever growing family as well as our tight budget. We were frantic, angry, confused, and hopeless during this time. But God opened a door to a great house with even better landlords! We are so blessed to be in a house in the woods with a HUGE lot!

Also during this time . . . actually before we were asked to move Erick told me that he wanted to start praying about taking in a little girl. I was on board for a baby girl! Awe how cute, but no Erick said a child who was around 6-8 . . . umm nope not ready for a child. I have only been comfortable with kids that don't come with too much baggage you know. An older child would most definitely come with "issues".

to be continued . . .

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