Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to school

So I didn't go into my closet today at school. Many people think that there is in fact a mouse in my closet...Great! So since I didn't go into my closet I didn't start to decorate my room again, but thats ok Erin will be helping me tomorrow :D Horray!
But today was another day of meeting and well actually compared to last year the meetings have been cut down to half, which is awesome. Gives the teachers more time to complete what needs to be done before the students come.
I went to the teacher supply store and bought some cute posters and I bought an awesome skeleton! I mean every cool science teacher has a skeleton in their classroom! I am excited. It is not full size, maybe 2 feet tall, so his name is "Midge"...get it :D


Renee said...

You are so funny. I'll come to your classroom with a broom tomorrow.
Let's get together so you can teach me how to put different pictures on my blog.

Amanda said...

Jennifer! I found your blog! How are you? See my blog, too:

Have a great school year!