Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some days I wish that I was a little kid again. How wonderful it was to not have much responsibility, bills, a job, school, a care in the world. Still having your whole life ahead of you. Your grandparents still young. Your parents even younger. Oh the freedom to daydream and to play with your imaginary friends, fantasy was all you knew how to play. Just a thought wandering in my head.

Oh I start my Master's Program tomorrow....I wish I was a kid again


Art Teacher said...

Have a great day tomorrow...I'll be praying for you. Tell all the chillins' I said hi!

Cathee Conner said...

I feel that way all the time. Funny thing is when you are a kid all you want to do is be grown!

Just another one of those mean nasty contradictions in life, I guess.