Friday, November 14, 2008

Copy from Carly

I wanted to think about 7 random facts about me, and share them with whom ever wants to read and learn about me.

1. I hate to iron, I know a lot of people probably have this same fact, but it is so bad that I can't wear half of my wardrobe :(

2. I love Agatha Christie books...LOVE THEM...she is one of my favorite females authors, she has been dead for many many years, but she wrote some great books before she died. They are like a Boxcar Children for adults. My favorite male author is Frank Peretti. Beware when you pick ones of his books up it is hard to put down. I haven't had much time to read lately, but shoot these authors run through my mind when I am bored and call me to read them!

3. I can't get work done in a messy, congested, loud room. When I am doing work (for my Master's) I need to have silence and order, or I can't get a thing done. My husband on the other side can read a book in the mall...crazy.

4. On the similar lines but not, I have to sleep with a noise machine because I can't sleep with peace and quiet.

5. I don't drink soda or coke. Gross I had some Cherry pepsi the other day I had 3 sips and couldn't drink anymore. I get head aches from the sugar and caffeine anyways. I try not to consume that much caffeine in a day, maybe just a green tea's amount which is about 1/3rd a cup.

6. I actually like Chemistry...I just don't like to teach it because I get frustrated when I do my best to explain it but have half of the class talking or doing work from another class...ahhh and then they are like what I don't get it, do it again.

7. I am a tea freak, not like your normal sweet tea, but like herbal and jasmine green tea, I normally have a cup or two a day! I bought out Teavana the first time I went!

So there is a little more about me!


Teri said...

God bless you for liking chemistry. I guess somebody has to in order for the world 'round. :)
I know a few others who have to have that noise machine to sleep. I think Erin does too, if I'm not mistaken. Do you take it with you when you travel too? Is it big?

Teri said...

You're not weird. Sounds like a great way to get a good night's sleep! Does Erick need it to sleep too?

Art Teacher said...

I will be in on Thursday!

Michele said...

I think it's funny you can't work in a loud room, but you can't sleep in a quiet one:-) I don't made me laugh.