Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the summer holds....laughter and more laughter

Well fellow bloggers I have officially finished my second year of teaching! I am now a lightly seasoned teacher. I can't wait until I am to the point where I have done my lesson plans a year in advance and know exactly what I am teaching each day, and could teaching it backwards forwards, and maybe throw a monkey in there somewhere.

Anyways so now that I am free from "work school", that leaves me with only my "school school". I am taking 2 graduate classes at the moment, Gifted and Inclusion. I realize that I never am or will be in a gifted program. But I actually feel sorry for those who are gifted and are in regular schooling. Because their teachers may not be on board and are squelching their education without even knowing it. And if students are not challenged and given opportunities to use this "giftedness" they will become mediocre and find themselves settling in a job or life that they could have been leaps and bounds better than....okay soapbox over.

Alright now that I have the summer I promise I am going to let myself eeek and ooze creative things, like cool knits, maybe some painting, and most definitely pictures. This is a new season in my life and I want to allow the exciting stuff happen to me and not just watch it happen to everyone else. I want to have joy and happiness in my life...EVERYDAY! I want to laugh and smile more than I ever have!

Alright I am going to go and be diligent and get the rest of my master's work done for this week, because this weekend I will be having fun fun fun at Disney. What other way could I start a fun packed summer!!

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