Monday, November 30, 2009

Hopefully tonight is the night!!

At 7pm there is a scheduled phone call to talk to the birthmom. I just hope that my larygitis/sniffling/coughing won't be a hindrance. I better start drinking my hot green tea to sooth out the vocal chords. But I am not nervous at the moment, I think that after 2 fake out calls I am ready to really talk to her tonight!

But to update a little bit, Erick and I returned from Georgia last night after spending a lovely week with our friends. It was perfect weather, the friends were amazing, and the scenery was oh so breath-taking. I will download some picures when I can find where my camera is hiding.

So be ready! My friend Valerie conducted a photo shoot and the pictures are sure to be awesome!

(sorry if this is all over the place Iam a little congested and medicated :) )

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