Friday, October 31, 2008

26 years ago something wonderful happened!

At 8:28am October 31, 1982 I decided to enter the world with all my spunk and curiousity!
It is easy to think that our birthdays are just a day that people get to eat cake and celebrate with you, and buy you gifts. But lets think differently about birthdays. First of all thank you mom for not aborting me, and thank you mom for being married and excited for the coming of me. Also thank you Lord for having a plan for my life and for leading me through every circumstance every storm in my life, knowing that every trial, or joy was to mold me into who I am today. Thank you for every day and every breath that you have allowed me to take. Knowing that since I am still here that you have something for me to accomplish, I have purpose, a reason to be here, not an accident! Thank you for the husband that I have, and that I can share each day and moment with.
I pray that you would remind me daily that every day is a gift and that it should not be wasted. Don't waste your life, reader, God has a plan, you just need to seek Him out and step by step He will lead you.

So Happy Birthday to me and a very Happy (un)Birthday to you!

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Teri said...

Happy Birthday, Mister Jen! I'm so sorry that we're out of town and that we couldn't celebrate it with you! I'm echoing all that you wrote and I am so thankful that God gave us you! I love you, my friend!