Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last week of my first Master's Class!!

I can't believe how fast these last 8 weeks have gone! But since it is the last week I have a 15 page paper, and a 100 question quiz, and other things due this sunday night! So if I seem to go incognito, I have hidden myself away, so that I don't wait till the last night to complete my paper :D. Pray for me I am so tired and still dealing with some health issues...not fun health issues :(

But on the good side, I do have an appointment to go see a fertility doctor on Monday...I am actully very nervous, because what if I do become pregnant?? I mean I really really want to be a mommy, but I guess that when I actully am and realize the impact that will have on my life...WHOA! But I can't wait.


Kim Buckley said...

Jen, love your blog. :) I am praying for you and your future child(ren)!!!

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Good luck with everything! I'm praying for you!

The Herrenbrucks said...

praying for you! you will love it all - pregnancy and the sweet bundle!