Monday, October 17, 2011

Co op inspired dinner and dessert

Mmmmm who doesn't love a big plate of hearty spaghetti! I honestly could eat a pasta dish every meal of the day. Love them carbs! But my husband disagrees... but I have to admit if I did eat all the pasta my heart desires, I would probably look like a rigatoni noodle.
Anyways I was able to talk my hubs into a spaghetti dinner. I had a nice bag of fresh organic mushrooms, some kale, and garlic from the co op basket that I needed to use.

So I asked my husband to saute the mushrooms in a white wine, and I cooked up some ground turkey in the garlic. After the mushrooms were complete we used the same pan to cook down the kale. We then let the kale sit in our sauce (jar of hearty veg prego) with the mushrooms and meat so the flavors could mingle. I have nothing against using a jarred sauce, but I always like to add something to it. The end result was a nice hearty spaghetti that I am looking forward to eating for dinner and then for leftovers tomorrow! 2nd day pasta is my favorite!
Okay for dessert, which was actually made by my husband, were Honeyed Apple Bars! He has been wanting to bake something fallish, and since we had a nice bunch of apples he found a way to use them.
Here is the recipe for these yummy bars!

3 simple steps to getting your Honeyed Apple Bars!

Step 1 - Peel and slice your apples

Step 2 - Bake it!

Step 3 - Admire it . . . then EAT it!!

What is a fall treat you like to make?


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