Monday, October 3, 2011

Thirtfy finds

Ever since I have moved into this house I have decided that I am going to be repurposing a lot of items instead of buying new. I have also rediscovered that I LOVE going to thrift stores! I forget what great deals can be found! I have hit up a few in the area as well as the "Bargain Barn" where my Grandma lives.

Here are some items that I got for a steal! In the future I will show you how I have repurposed them!!

Goodies list:
2 wine carafes = 2
1 salad dressing maker = 1
2 candle sticks = .50
scrabble game (could have found this cheaper) = 6
Wood crate = 3
4 mini cookie sheets = 3
owl trivet = 1
recipe box (full of recipes!) = 1
expandable rack = .75
drawer organizer = .50
metal tin = .25
Grand total              19!

I am excited to have some projects to work on! I will keep you updated with the before and after projects as well.

Fun times ahead!!



Erin said...

Go girl. I want to see your finished products.

Kelly said...

I also have started visiting thrift stores & antique stores too! You find some awesome stuff! I love the owl. Maybe we can go bargain hunting together sometime :)