Monday, October 17, 2011

Repurposed rake??

When I saw what could be done with a rake, I got excited! I was instantly on a mission to find a rake. Hoping I could go to a local thrift store and pick one up, I was quickly discouraged! No one had rakes! I seriously checked over 10 thrift/antique places in the area and nada!
Well God knew how badly I wanted to do this project, and I was able to get one from a friend of my Grandma's who recently passed away. Sad that I got one from someone who died, but I promise it was put to good use! I know that Mrs. Peggy would have loved what became of her rake, she was quite the crafter herself! So drum roll . . . . what did I make out of an old rake??  

I made a necklace holder!

I bet you didn't know that something that is made to be used out in the yard can actually be used to display some of your favorite jewelry!

Instructions on how to make your own necklace holder

(* you can purchase a rake at Lowes or Home Depot for around or under 10$)

Step 1 - Use a saw to cut off the handle. I had my husband do this with an electric saw because I don't trust myself to make a straight cut. (*make sure your cut doesn't have any rough edges, you may need to take some sand paper to the end)

Step 2 - Spray paint. You do not need to spray paint, if you like the natural color. But I would encourage you to clean it, and maybe take some sandpaper to the rusty spots.

Step 3 - Well you could be done after step 2, but if you want to add some detail to it, you can wrap some ribbon around it, like I did. You could even glue some flowers or other items to it. The possibilities are endless!

Step 4 - To hang it on your wall you can just use a screw , just make sure you tighten the screw after you place the rake up for better stability. (* make sure you hang it somewhere you or someone couldn't trip and hurt themselves. Pretty sure my husband acted out a couple scenarios of tripping and losing an eye... uhh so dramtic!)

Do you have any random items that you have repurposed?


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