Friday, October 14, 2011

Co-op inspired lunch

The other day my awesome friend paid me in organic produce! I wish everyone would do that! Sometimes I think that if we were to go back to the barter system things would shape up in this world. But anyways...

Today for lunch I decided that I wanted to make something different and differently. So I went back in to my pantry/ storage and saw my panini press! I hate when you forget you have treasures like this! So I pulled it out and then went to my fridge. Harrison has been a terrible eater lately, and is it my fault. I have let him become a carb a holic because I have been to lazy and not pushy enough to make him eat his veggies and fruits. Haha I had this great idea that if I made a smoothie he might like it. Well I made an avocado smoothie, which I found to be fabulous, but Harry saw the color and ran into the other room. After forcing  gently coaxing him to try a sip, he made the nastiest gag face ever then said in a pathetic voice "Oh mama no"

Anyhow back to my original reason for writing this, I wanted to share what I made for lunch.

For Harrison -  Grilled Peanut butter, banana, and Nutella Panini

For momma - Grilled Kale, avocado, chicken and colby cheese panini

I actually liked the kale, it has a nice strong spinach like flavor. The only thing I didn't like about it was the tough texture. It was a pain to bite through with out having it slide out of my sandwich. But  I would eat it again.

So if you have a panini press, I would encourage you to take it out and use it. It makes creating a grilled sandwich so much easier.


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Teri said...

YUM on the paninis!!! And so bummed that Harrison didn't like the avocado smoothie. :( Just keep making them and offering it to him and he'll come around. It's statistically proven!! HA!

Wyatt, the little guy I watch regularly, has been refusing many of the foods I serve for lunch since I started watching him. WELL, this week he ate CELERY for the first time and decided he liked it AND banana dog bites and decided he like that too!! I was overjoyed as I have served him these things countless other times and he wanted nothing to do with them! Keep up the good work, mama!!!