Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First call and diapers

Yesterday we got our first call for a placement. We actually missed the calls so we had to try to call them back. We ended up finding out that there was a sibling group of 3 and they wanted us to take the 7 year old. We declined because we really are set up for 3 and younger. Anything older and the poor child would feel like they are at a preschool.
I hate to say no, but I have to think about Harry and having a much older child wouldn't be a good fit right now for us.

But I am thankful that we are getting the calls. If you would pray for us that we would know what child would be a good fit, whether temporary or permanent!
My first homemade cloth diaper

In the mean time I am really trying to bust out a bunch of cloth diapers. I have just enough to keep Harry in them all day. If I get a sibling group or just a young one I will need double of what I have. I really feel committed to doing this. It really will save my family money.

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