Monday, April 30, 2012

First placement and second placement

Tomorrow around 4:30 we are getting a little 4 year old. Normally when we get a call we have a couple hours to get ready., having a night is something else. Honestly I don't even know how to correctly pronounce this little guys name. And honestly I am a little hesitant about bringing in a child who is older than Harry. But something in my gut told me to say yes. When I was talking to the placement coordinator about this child they also told me about a 1 year old that also needed placement. I am all about the babies. I said yea without even asking Erick, but he would be okay with me even asking. And he is. We actually won't be getting the little guy for a couple weeks because he has already been placed with a family who is going to be traveling over the summer and won't be able to keep the little guy.

But back to the first placement, it is something knowing that you have one more night before your life changes. Your whole family structure is going to be different. Harry is going to have an older brother. After being the only child he is now going to be the younger, and then in a little while he will be the middle child. I am really praying that this child will be a great fit in our house and that he and Harry will be good friends.

I hope that Harry learns and grows through this. I know that this will impact him in someway and I really hope that he does well.

Pray for us!

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