Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The adventure has begun . . .

 I have 2 boys, 2 sons! Just so you know I take this job as a foster parent seriously. I want every child that comes into my home to feel like they are loved, wanted, and special. Today at 4:30 we got our 4 year old C. I am going to call him Chase. (Obviously that it not his real name, I am not allowed to share that or a picture of him . . . sorry) We have only had this little guy for a few hours and I already want to keep him! There is just something about knowing where they came from and how you can change that instantly and just love love love them!! This little boy is a sweetie! He has a beautiful smile with a gap between his teeth! He has the light brown eyes that disappear when he smiles! I have tried to make him smile a lot.
Harry is still warming up to him, he is acting quite jealous. I have a feeling that they are going to be fast buddies! I asked Chase if he wanted to sleep in a room by himself or in Harry's room, he picked with Harry. I think they talked for about 30 minutes before Chase passed out. Harry was still talking, I think trying to wake him up. The morning should be interesting. I think that C will wake up early because he is used to going to Daycare. Harry, bless him, sleeps until 9:30. I hope that we can keep that going!

The adventure has begun!

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