Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes get better with a schedule

So since we got Chase we have had 3 other children come into our home! We had another 4 year old who was just a respite, so we knew we wouldn't have him very long (3 days). Then we got an emergency placement of a 7 month old. At first I jumped on this because I was soo excited to get a baby in our home again, but I forgot how much work they are and how much sleep you lose. I could have done it if I didn't have 3 other children in my home. He was moved to a home that is closer to his other siblings which are up in the center of the state. It worked out.(we had him 2 nights) Then we got our one year old. He is a great little guy but likes you to be in the same room as him and freaks out if he can't see you. Understandable but hard to get anything done. So at the moment we have C our 4 year old, Harry my 2 year old, and then R our very soon to be 1 year old. All boys!

My house has changed a lot, first of all these little guys brought a ton of stuff with them! That isn't normal, normally they come with a few things and you need to provide the rest. So this is nice but man I already had a bunch of crap toys. The laundry has exploded and there are 3 different sizes. I am doing the cloth diapering so that is a constant chore. I stopped for a couple days because we had a bout of diarrhea and I wasn't able to keep up with that. TMI sorry.

But things are not as chaotic as I would have thought, I don't have kids running around breaking everything in site, they are not fighting bed time. I really have been strict with a nap, eat, bedtime schedule. I think that is the only thing that has helped this house run. The littles know what is coming so they don't get upset.

There might be a possibility of taking on an 8 year old little girl. She had a liver replacement a little while ago, sad I know :( She has recently gotten sick and needs to be in a home that can care and monitor her. I am not sure all the details of this but she is on 10+ meds a day! My heart really goes out to her. Can you imagine going through this and not having your mommy or daddy to help you go through it!

So change is a constant in my home these days, but I am hoping that there will be a settling of the dust soon.


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