Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Half a month into it

I can't believe that we have already been foster parents for half a month already. Time is definitely speeding up having 2 extra children in our home. But our laundry is also doubling and the dishes! But I am learning to cope. I am actually going to put the little one in daycare full time once he turns one. I really think that I need the extra time as well as having the one on one time with Harrison. Harry has really been acting out not having all the attention on him. I think that it has been good for him to have the other children around, I guess they call it socialization ;)

But because of all these new children in our home we have also had a lot of new germs come into our home. We all suffered through the stomach bug last week, that wasn't fun. Thankfully that is over. I haven't been sick like that in a while. And Harry is so sheltered that he never gets sick. Anyways, this is helping me to keep the kids hands clean and not let them share anything that they might swap germs on.

I sometimes feel like I am nuts, but am totally relying on God to get me through each day!


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