Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Full house

Wow . . . in 24 hours I went from 1 crazy little 2 year old. To having one 2 year old and two 4 year olds. My house turned into a loud messy place but I am happy. We have been waiting to have foster kids since we closed our house over 2 years ago. I just know that we are called to do this. It isn't easy. There are many parts of this I don't feel capable doing but I am doing it and I just need to not worry about tomorrow or the next kid.
I easily get overwhelmed thinking about the fact that I have a house full of kids! Or will have a baby who may wake up at all hours of the night or might through Harry for a loop because he won't be the baby anymore.

Oh Lord, give me strength!

But anyhow, Right now I have Harry and Chase in one room and V in the other room. But on Friday I will have R the soon to be 1 year old in that room, and V is going back with his foster family. Since I know that Chase will be with us for a while I think that it is good that he and Harry become buddies.

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