Friday, April 20, 2012

It is a new season in our home

Okay here we go again ... Today 4/20/12 is the day that marks the beginning of our 2nd fostering journey. We are now, finally, re-licensed and are waiting on placement. I really wanted to document this process to see how God uses us and how these sweet children will change our lives.

Update on Harry

He is 2 a of 3/8 . . . enough said ;) He is a busy boy! So adventurous, smart, inquisitive, and stubborn! But he is my pride and joy! I love being his mother, he is definitely forcing me to grow in my faith and character. I needed him in my life! I am really looking forward to see how Harry changes with having the children in our home. I am really praying that there will only be positive changes.  I know the facts that this will definitely impact him.

I just started cloth diapering... I know Harrison will be potty trained soon, but we will still be saving money. I also plan on cloth diapering the foster babies we get. I am still new to this but am learning quickly! Today is going to be the first day that I am keeping Harry in cloth all day... so far so good!

Little man in his cloth diaper... little goober :)

Aleena stayed with us for a weekend!

I am not a baby anymore!

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