Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swing swing swing in the USA . . . hey hey

This is Harry's new trick and he is so proud of himself when he does it! This really makes me see that he is a growing boy and will continually try my patience, wits, heart, and speed. Having a little boy can be a challenging road. You want him to explore, have fun being adventurous, but do it all while being safe. I am having a hard time letting him be rough and rowdy because I let my worrying get in the way. All that does is upset him which in turn upsets me because he throws a fit.. it becomes a vicious cycle.
 I am realizing that I need to let him become who God has created him to be. Not all boys will be a sweet snuggler who want you to read to them all day. Like Harry, they may want to run and climb and jump, and purposely fall because they think it is funny.
I am hoping/believing that he will respect me more because I am letting him do what God has created his 2 year old self to do. I am not saying that there won't be disciplining in the midst, because man o man there is! But I am embracing who he is, because he is a little person and not a project that I have control over.
Having Harrison in my life has made my prayer life stronger for many reasons . . .1. For safety, and I bet his angels are busy!. 2. For me to mold him correctly, I don't want to ever crush his spirit only make it more sensitive. 3. For his future wife, she is going to be a special girl! (Wow I bet that she is probably out there driving her parents crazy too!) 4. For Erick and I to be of one mind in how he is raised. and 5. That he would become a God fearing little man who will have a strong faith!

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