Monday, July 21, 2008

High School camp was awesome

I survived the week at camp! A little sore, a little sleep deprived, but it was worth it. We had 7 decisions, 5 baptisms, and countless lives changed. We had a great group of kids, I was surprised. I was thinking we would have a bunch of students just waiting to prank and to sneak away together, but as far as I know they were awesome! While I was at camp I went wakeboarding! Haven't done that in over 8 years, I I actually did very good! But any ways here are a few pictures that I took. Notice the awesome nerd and gangsta nights! I showed you some of the beautiful campus and also the foot waching night and some crazy people! Also thank you to those who prayed for me.

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Teri said...

Dang, woman! You make a dope gangsta!