Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some more ART!!

You are probably shocked! I have to admit I have been busting out a lot of creativity lately. But what can I say I'm gifted..haha!

Last night my sister in law, Erin, came over and we painted a bit. This was her first time painting on a canvas, but she did a fabulous job. Her hubby Bobbie likes to collect sharks, so she went with a shark scene.

I have had this idea of something to paint for a while. The idea came from Carly. But I have been trying to find things to decorate my room, so I decided to make this three piece picture that I am calling... "Red". My pets like it. Leo decided to sit on the bird, and Georgia actually licked it. She licked my ceramic bird also. I guess she is trying to make friends.


Renee said...

Jen, I was just checking on all my friends and noticied your live feed traffic. That is so cool. Your blog looks better and better every time I check in.
Remember I am keeping you on my prayer list this month. I hope things are going well with you!

Art Teacher said...

I love all of the art!

The Herrenbrucks said...

wow - you are really good!

Cathee Conner said...

Ok...I am offically addicted to your blog. I love all of creative outlets.

We must be friends! Come move to GA, so we can hang out! LOL I need some more crafty creative peoples!

On second thought-I'd much rather live where you live to be near the beach.