Monday, July 28, 2008

A Touch of Outdoorsie

Erick and I like to go out kayaking but we often need motivation especially when it is 94 degrees outside. Well we received some motivation from our friends Michelle and Gregory Jack. And boy am I glad that we did! We had an AWESOME time! The weather was nice, there was a huge storm-a-brewing, but that brought nice cooler weather, and it didn't rain. We met this nice couple that was just sitting in their kayak looking into the water and we noticed that they were looking at manatees! So awesome, I have never seen one except on TV or in a book. They were neat to see, but scary at the same time. I know they aren't dangerous, but when they get underneath your kayak all you think is "AHH its going to flip me!!" Well no flipping happened just a little nudging, which is still nerve racking! Haha if only my high school students could see how big a baby their science teacher was! But then their was this crazy dolphin that was charging us and at the last moment it would slow down and pop its nose out and blow. I have included some pictures and video of our adventure! It was the best day of kayaking ever! Thanks Michelle and Greg!

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