Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being a sick mom is HARD

I think that when you are a sick mom, you are going to be sick for a while! For instance, I am not getting enough sleep. This is happening actually not because the girls keep waking me up, but because I can't stop coughing in bed. I even elevated my head. Next it is hard to be sick, because if you are sick the little ones will probably get sick, and when they are sick they pass it back to you. I wish I could keep a mask on my 2 year old, becuase she does not keep her germies to her self. She coughs, she sneezes, and she pulls her boogies out to share. Yuck! I think that I should lysol everything, but everytime I smell it, I think of hospitals. I need a good natural spray.
And lastly it is hard to be a sick mom, because you don't have time to go to the doctor, and nothing could be harder than taking 2 young kids in with you to see the doctor.

Anyways I took the afternoon off yesterday from work as well as left early today from school so I went to the doctor and I sleep for a good few hours today! I am praying I will be better in no time!


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Stephanie said...

You are so right! It's so hard when you as the parent are sick or tired, they still need so much. I hope you feel better soon. If you need a few hours of break this weekend let me know. You can drop them off and go take another nap.