Saturday, January 2, 2010

So what has been going on in the life of the Sessions you maybe asking yourself . . .

Well let me fill you all in. We are so so so busy! Ahh we have 2 little girls now. Our names for them are, Lena and Ally. We went from zero kids to a 9 month and a 2 yr old in one month! We are yet to be adjusted, but we are working on it. We are still working on our sleeping habits. We have one that sleeps great, Ally the 2 year old, only that she wakes up way too early, like 6am every morning. (Okay well she woke up at 8;30 today, which worried us, but she was in her room talking to her babydolls). But little Lena does not go to bed before 9, (last night it was 10:30 but we started at 8!) and she goes through this crazy fussy, screaming, and very over tired game which drives us crazy! She will then wake up at least once wanting a bottle. I have been trying to give her a bottle with oatmeal, even tried a protein powder to fill her belly, but nothing so far!
Anyways I seriously do not have time to get on line to write or even think about checking other blogs. But we are about to a more normal state, I start school on Monday and we will be having the girls in a preschool/daycare, and it will hopefully wear their little butts out! Alright well we will hopefully be going on a date to the movies tomorrow to see the long awaited Blindside (I hope it is still in theaters ;)

I can't post pictures, I am sorry! I wish I could, this thing would be covered with cutie little babes!

Peace out!
Jen (the ultimately tired momma)


Michele said...

I'm thrilled to hear how great, busy, and even exhausting everything is right now:-)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update! We have been praying for you and rejoicing with you. Agghh how I wish I could see some pictures!

And...babies that age, you know, just go through stages, crazy stages. Maryn did the same weird kind of stuff when she was about 8 or 9 months old but I bet yours will get on track soon. If not, you can do like I did a few months ago and ask for like a roundtable discussion--other moms have great ideas. Someone told me to try a pillow (after Maryn was one) and voila, problem solved just like that. We're always here with you know!

Amanda said...

...and when Maryn did that around 9 months, it was because she was hungry, too. And we tried to cereal like you did before bed time. I don't know...she just grew out of it somehow.