Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor house

It finally happened. I realized that Erick and I are poor and it is about to get worse. What is scary though, is that we have 2 kids living with us and a baby coming in April. (yes we get 13$ a day for the foster babes, but diapers and clothes are not cheap or easy to stay away from). I am really praying that God will show Erick a great job, one perferably with health insurance, since what I am carrying will run out in May.

So I am also looking for another job. Something from the home would be great. SAHM would be perfect but doesn't pay too much. I am looking into tutoring as well as online teaching. I know that God has something better for me, something that I am going to be able to juggle and stay at home with the kids.

Could you pray that I would remain patient until He leads something to us. I am getting very nervous and I don't want money or the lack of money to take my eyes off of HIM! I know that I am beginning a new season in my life, one of mommyhood, and I want to enjoy it. Not fret continuously because of income.



Michele said...

She is totally NOT to big for it. You can place her on your hip or on your back. Obviously I haven't done that yet...but I know you can. I had to carry nicole on my hip for a couple of weeks when she was 11 months old because she broke her arm and she wasn't suppose to crawl on it (ha, tell that to a baby!). Anyway, I wish I had this....I'm confident it would have been much more comfy.

AND WOWOWOWOWOW...76 days! I'm so excited for you Jen! Yippee!!!!

(I'm going to put this on your blog in case you don't check back here)

Michele said... to comment on your post. Wow Jen! I'm so excited for you!! I was wondering if you would treck down the SAHM trail. I know it doesn't pay much in worldy terms...but eternally.... it pays far better than another other job out there (remind me that on the days I want to go back to work!). I'll be praying for you all. It's not's a sacrifice, but it is well worth it.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Praying for you, Jen. And praying that God will bring the perfect opportunity right into your path - as I know HE will! OF COURSE you can hang out with us SAHM's once sweet babe gets here. Can't wait to hear - boy or girl!?

Amanda said...

Jennifer, the first few months here we lived first on no income and then on $8.50/hour. We had almost no money saved, either. Start practicing by living on one income now and setting every bit of yours aside.

Giving up one of our cars has been a huge money saver--it keeps me away from shopping, and it holds both of us accountable because we have to go everywhere together. Not to mention insurance, gas, etc.

But health insurance is the toughest thing to find and the hardest thing to give up as a SAHM. I'll be praying very carefully for that part!

Stephanie said...

He has brought us this far and given us this much; he will certainly take care of the rest!

I will be praying for comfort and peace for the above, for the perfect job for you and Erick, the health of your new baby, and all that the future is bringing.

I am so excited for the miracles God has already done for both of us and can't wait to see what's in store for the next few months. It's going to be wonderful learning to be new mom's together this summer:)

Amanda said...

John and I were just talking about your situation and we have lots of questions about fostering. If it's all right, could you explain more about it? Like, how much $ per day and does it vary by age? Do they get free day care? Do you get to choose which day cares/is it only day care centers or can it be home day cares? Do they get free medical care? Do you get to choose their doctor? I've tried to look up some of this information but it must be top secret or something. :)

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

If you're ever interested in selling Avon let me know. Its definitely something easy to do from home and you can choose your hours, no boss to answer to, and its a lot of fun.