Friday, January 8, 2010

The best of both worlds, the worst of both worlds.

I tell you what, there are days that I go nuts having a 9 month old, but think I could have a 2 yr old and be happy. But then the next day could be vise versa, love the 9 month old and think that I was crazy getting the 2 yr old. Like today we went to Walmart to get another booster seat because we are tired of switching it for the 2 yr old. Well at this age everything is "MINE MINE MINE!" Oh it drives me insane! Then the 9 month old is just chillen taking everything in and loving it.
But then at dinner time the 2 yr old is eating like a champ! But the 9 month will throw her food all over the place and then cry because she is hungry.
And at night! Oh my the 2 yr old is great sleeps the majority of the night, but we still have yet (after a month and a half) of figuring out how to get the little 9 month to sleep through the night and not wake up screaming! She used to wake up happy in the morning, but know she freaks out! I don't know if this is normal for a foster child who is maybe going though late separation or if this is just normal for a baby? Well whatever it is I would love for it to come to an end.
And lastly my 2 yr old is having accident after accident at daycare. She is potty trained but I have no idea what is going on. The other day she had 5 accidents, she came home wearing someone elses clothes, and little boy underwear! She knows how to ask to go potty, I don't know if this is a lack of attention or what but it is really  worrying me, plus it is giving me an extra load of laundry a week. When I ask her why she didn't tell anyone, she says "'cause, i nono"

Update about the adoption. Things are still going well, we will hopefully be finding out what we are having in another week. Since the mom had a car accident she has not been able to get to the doctor, she has to wait until her mom can take her. Which I understand, but man do I want to know what we are getting in just a few more months! My friend Steph keeps reminding me that I could have 3 at the same time! Ahhh at this point in time I think I would go crazy, especially if a newborn is added to the mix. Talk about NO SLEEP!

I think that I have forgot to say that I love that Erick and I are doing this. I love the little girls that he has placed in our house at this time. They need extra love and care, they have been through so much, especially the 2 year old. Her old room used to be a closet, in a hotel. The bag of clothes she came with were mostly her moms clothes. So granted I think that Erick and I have gone alittle over board and have spoiled the little ones. I am sorry if I come off sounding like I am complaining. I mean I am, but I honestly didn't know that kids were THIS intense! (Go ahead my mommy friends laugh) but you didn't get your kids when they were already set in their ways and wo knows what their parents did or didn't do for them.
The baby was actually a drug baby and is still having withdrawls at night. She was on methadone until she was 5 months old :(
Anyhow thank you all for your prayers and for your support. Also remind me that there will be good normal nights and day. . . because there will be, right??


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Amanda said...

Poor sweet babies. My heart is breaking. I agree the potty training could be anything from not enough attention at the day care, to a big new adjustment, to just being too busy with her little friends. But the freaking out in the morning does sound to me like a foster child issue or the withdrawal issue...let us know if you hear any good advice from a doctor or someone. But then again it could be one of those phases. Is there something in her room that she's scared of? Or maybe some kind of comfort item would help? A night light? Music? Sound machine? Something cool to look at--I've seen some kids with those light-projector things on their ceilings, that project stars and things. I don't know! Just throwing out ideas.

Your comment about "I didn't know kids could be this intense," DID make me smile but it made me a bit sad for you guys and your girls, too, because you are not in a typical situation. When Maryn wakes in the middle of the night screaming for example, I KNOW she's teething or sick. When she refuses to eat, I know she's probably just being stubborn (or she's teething or sick). You'll learn these things as time goes on and you all get to know each other and set in your routine.

Praying for you.