Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where does the time go, and why can't I get anything done!?!

My house has been such a pig sty ever since these little girls have began residing with us! I can't vaccuum, definitely can't mop. All I have been getting done is swiffereing, but that only seems to move the dirt around, not get rid of it. I clean something up and turn around and a little hands moving it again! Ahh I need a day off just to clean with out the munchkins around!
But I guess that I am finally to the point of understanding how a SAHM is always saying, please excuse the mess. Because even if I wasn't working and had the kids at home, nothing would get done like I would want it. So I am feeling your frustration SAHMs and non SAHMs.


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Michele said...

Hahaha...For REAL!!!! That's me 100% and I know people walk in and think "sheesh...what does she do all day???" I remember when you went furniture shopping with me and Nicole (she was just over 1 year old) and she made a dirty diaper while in the car and you kept spraying air sanitizer and then somehow some chocolate got on you or a cup or something and I was so totally embarrassed because I could only image what you thought of me at that time...hehe.

I'm sorry it's so crazy for you, but know that it's normal. Now, to go find my swiffer.... :-)