Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am trying to write something that is maybe interesting....and my mind is blank. I am sitting here watching "The Finals" Celtics playing the Lakers. I don't really care who wins. But wow I really hate commercials...I feel that they make me stupid. And in these commercials there are the new movie previews and the majority of the movies coming out WILL make me stupid if I spent money to see them. Like Hellboy 2, Zohan, Love Guru. Nothing that is wholesome or challenges you or makes you want to change for the better. Why can't there be any movies like that? I went and saw Prince Caspian and that movie at least had fantasy that makes you want to be a little kid again, and dream big dreams. I don't know. I just think that amusement these days is hurting the ability for people to amuse themselves, and they become stupid and lazy, or without a moral thought in their head. And we wonder why our kids ac the way they do. Like the idiots on TV that show no respect for anyone. We put our kids in front of the big screen often enough and that is who they want to act, dress, sound, look like.....Just some thoughts

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